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How our System Works
How it works


Delegate now and get your tasks completed in a matter of hours when you work with our iAssistants. Just be clear about what you require and we’ll have it delivered before you blink.

No worries about recruiting, screening resumes, interviews and managing schedules or payroll.

We understand first hand how tasking and (in most cases) Risky it can be to find the right assistant who can deliver professionally and on time without giving you a headache. Say goodbye to your days of working on boring tasks and spend more of  your time on tasks you and your team enjoys. Let us take care of the rest.

Find Your iAssistant

How it works in 3 steps

Get started with working with an iAssistant in the following 3 quick steps.


Request an Assistant

Fill  a request for a Virtual Assistant through our online request form or schedule a call to tell us what specific skills and/ experience you and your team require. 


Get Your Assigned VA

Our customer success team will handle all the requirements match your task with the perfect iAssistant ready and primed to get on your task immediately.


Get Rock Star Results

Agree on a timeline and the best means of communication. Then approve task for execution. Step back and relax, while your VA goes to bat for you.

Congratulations — you have been iAssisted!


Why Choose Us

Fast Hiring Process

Get rock star remote assistants working on your project immediately!

No More Boring Tasks

End your days of working on boring tasks to spend your time on more important tasks.

Large Talent Pool

Have access to multiple remote assistants who will simultaneously work on your tasks at once.

Zero Office Overheads

No upgrade or downgrade costs. Just pay for the VA. service you need on demand.

VAs. in Multiple Time zones

Work with virtual assistants from across Africa across multiple time zones.

Custom Consulting

Schedule a free consultation session to determine the exact role our VA can play in your journey.


What do you mean by iAssistant?

iAssistants are what we are calling our team of Virtual Assistants. Our role is to help take care of your repeatable, boring but necessary business tasks like we would handle ours. Examples of such tasks include canva design, book keeping, social media updates, content writing, meeting scheduling, etc. You get the idea. If it’s repeatable, necessary but boring, delegate it to us. We want it.

How quickly can my task be completed?

For 1 - 5 hour tasks, you can expect your task/ project to be delivered within the estimated timeline confirmed by your Success Assistant.

Where are the VAs based?

Our iAssistants are based in Africa.

Do you offer an NDA?

iAssistants are contracted to iAssistAfrica.com. We request that all contractors sign a confidentiality agreement with iAssist Africa.

If, however you would like us to sign an NDA with you, do let us know in your 'Hire a VA' request.

How can I communicate with my VA?

For your task, a customer success assistant sets up a google drive folder and a trello board where you and your iAssistant can collaborate and communicate. We would prefer that you give feedback to your customer success assistant to eliminate needless communication gaps with your iAssistant around context and expectations. But you are free to use a means of communication you are most comfortable with.

How do I know if my iAssistant is really working?

While we take our time to imbibe our company culture in all iAssistants, we understand that our customers need assurances. We have an activity log app that each iAssistant is required to install and sync to our platform that monitors when they are working on your task or taking a break. This activity is monitored by a our customer success manager and sent to you at the end of the task cycle. This is to ensure that you are getting real value for your money.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, you don't. Our services are hourly or monthly. So you can choose whichever works for you at any time.

How do holidays works?

Holidays are a great time for our iAssistants to take time off to rest and/ spend time with friends and family. Your iAssistant may choose to work extra hours to make up for time they will be on holiday or we can refund you for that time. We like to think that a healthy and sharp iAssistant makes for a successful business.

We know you will be flexible. We are not robots. 


“There is something you guys are onto and I'm loving the journey far. If you keep this up, you are going places”

Paul, NG

“iAssist Africa exceeded my expectations and surprisingly beat my deadline to deliver a brilliant landing page just in time for my product launch. The amount I paid was so little in comparison that my jaw literally dropped!"

 Derrik, UK


iAssist Africa Has Experts in ...

  • Admin
  • Book Keeping
  • Canva Design
  • Content Writing
  • Click Funnel Support
  • Customer Support
  • Data Entry
  • Dedicated Chat Support
  • Email/ Newsletter Writing
  • Explainer Video Creator
  • Event Scheduling
  • Graphics Designer
  • Grant Writing
  • Kajabi Support
  • Kartra Support
  • Product/ Service Tester
  • Presentation/ Slides Designer
  • Report Writing
  • Social Media Manager
  • Squarespace Support
  • WordPress Support
  • WIX Support
  • Zoom Support/ Moderator

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